Before there was Carax & Tarantino, there was Godard.


JAN 23 – FEB 13 

The first part of TIFF's massive, two-season Jean-Luc Godard retrospective — spanning the French New Wave master's "Golden Age" from his epochal debut Breathless to the apocalyptic nightmare of Weekend — comprises perhaps the most innovative, influential and revolutionary body of work in all of cinema.

As an official Community Partner for GODARD FOREVER: Part One, CINSSU is proud to co-present and celebrate the work of a legendary French auteur whose unprecedented artistic vision we have not only come to love, but study as well.  Be sure to check out CINSSU on Facebook HERE where we will be conducting exciting promotions and giving away tickets to the upcoming screening of Bande A Part on February 1st. Jean-Luc Godard's films will be features at the TIFF Bell Lightbox until February 13th so make sure to check out TIFF.Net/Godard for more information!

Experience the films of the most influential living filmmaker, including...

        Breathless with Opération Béton & Une femme coquette 

        Le Petit Soldat with Godard Shorts 

        Une femme est une femme 

        Vivre sa vie with Sloth 

        Les Carabiniers with The New World 


        Bande à part 

        Une femme mariée with The Great Swindle 


        Pierrot le fou 

        Masculin féminin 

        Made in USA with Anticipation

        2 or 3 Things I Know About Her with L'aller et retour des enfants prodigues 

        Paris vu par... 

        Far from Vietnam 

        La Chinoise


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Godard forever and ever!

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