The Filmmaking Competition - What are We?

This is a CINSSU-RoC initiative to showcase U of T filmmaking. We are accepting any original short films under 10 minutes (not including credits). They can be made from any time for any reason: you can submit anything youve made through RoC/UTTV/CINSSU or independently on your own. As long as one U of T student was part of the production, you can enter. 

The best part: you can submit AS MANY FILMS AS YOU WANT! Hey, entry is free, so why not?

Why Should I Enter?

Other than because your films are awesome? Three reasons:

-Your film will be critiqued by a panel of Cinema Studies Faculty and students. It will be a great way to get feedback on your films.

-We will be holding a SCREENING at the end of February. In short, your entry could be put on a big screen for random people to watch in awe!

-Prizes for the Top 4: $250 split between the Top 3 entries and the winner of the Audience Choice Award. Also, free passes to Raindance Canadas Saturday Film School, Sunday Script School, and Producers Foundation Certificate Courses in May!

This Sounds Awesome - How do I Enter?

There are 3 ways to submit your film:

1. Submit your film via Google Drive: send a completed Official Entry Form to Then grant access/download permission to your film via Google Drive.

2. Submit your film via Dropbox: upload your film to your Dropbox. Then send a completed Official Entry Form and link to the Dropbox to

3. Submit your film during Office Hours: put your film on a hard drive or USB. Go to the CINSSU Office [Innis College, 2 Sussex Ave. room 107] anytime during our specified office hours. We will upload your film directly to our computer; you fill out the Official Entry Form at the office.

Any one of these 3 methods are acceptable forms of submission. You will receive an email confirmation when we have your completed Official Entry Form and a functional form of the film.

If you have any questions at all regarding your submission or the submission process, feel free to email or message us at any time. We want to know what you guys are capable of filmmaking-wise, so we are super excited for the entries that will be coming in. Happy filmmaking guys! 

Best wishes,

Ryan Winter and Eimi Harris