I congratulate all those who submitted for putting their artwork and themselves out there. A few of the contestants submitted biographies and without further ado please go ahead and read about some of these talented individuals.

Tsukasa Kikuchi is a first year Rotman student in Innis College. He grew up in Japan and Italy. While taking the IB film course in high school at the American School of Milan, Tsukasa was awarded the Most Outstanding Film Student Award. He attended the European Student Film Festival in Paris and was awarded the Best Storytelling Award for “By Chance O’Clock,” a sci-fi comedy about a boy who figures out a way to stop bullying in school by freezing time using a mysterious watch. Currently, Tsukasa is interning at Wishing Step Picture. His favourite films are Drive, Casablanca, Hot Rod, and Princess Mononoke, and his favourite superhero is Birdman.

Helen Shen was born and raised in Toronto. Shen studies finance, economics and writing at the University of Toronto and Rotman Commerce. She plans to graduate early to pursue filmmaking and learn more about the art of storytelling.

Sina Dolati is a 19 year old aspiring filmmaker, currently in his second year of studies at the UofT. He is studying Cinema, Neuroscience and English. Upon discovering ‘Window Movie Maker’ as a young child, he knew that there existed a passion for making films in him. Sina began to take his work seriously after entering university and discovering ‘Raindance on Campus’. Sina is currently into directing, screenwriting, editing and acting. He has directed a few experimental short films and is hoping to move on to bigger and better projects in the near future.

Michael Lippert is a Toronto-based Writer/Director/Producer. He was born and raised in Walkerton Ontario, where he was not infected with ecoli. He has worked as a professional Script Reader for The Nakamura Group Advantage for the past six years and when he’s not busy trying to redefine the face of Canadian television he works full-time as a Corporate Recruiter. He also manages a blog on the Recruitment industry entitled Notes From the Recruitment Desk. Shot over the course of several weeks, Girl With the Flower is Lippert's debut short. The silent, black and white film tracks a day in the life of a girl who is awoken to find the favourite flower of her deceased mother growing in the back yard. Overjoyed, she runs to pick it but her spirits begin to lower when she fails to find empathy from her aloof father and self-centered neighbour. After the flower is destroyed by her abusive boyfriend, the girl is left sad and alone until fate shines its head once more. Lippert has most recently been attached as Writer/Director of independent Canadian comedy series Purple Squirrels.

Ninoshka D’Souza is a 2nd year cinema studies student. Although she is in the middle of her university career she is already thinking of the future. She one day hopes to be a producer and comedy writer and is ambitiously working towards these goals now. She has accumulated a great degree of practical experience with roots in video editing and photography. She also has her own youtube channel with original videos and maintains a blog. She loves working in the industry and as such greatly enjoys working for film festivals. D’Souza always strives to gain more valuable experience and has recently worked as a Production assistant on the upcoming web series Mara and Chen by youtuber Nanalew. And though she is always seeking to work on new projects she also realizes that one must take the time to relax and be fabulous. As such she always has the time to enjoy a nice glass of wine or some delicious breaded shrimp (a Ron Swanson approved animal).

On top of these wonderful people you can find the rest of the filmmakers and all the films down below.