40 Thoughts That Went Through My Mind During Movies of 2015

1.    Is Pixar really making me cry?
2.    Is Pixar actually making good movies again?
3.    I’m embarrassed/not embarrassed to be seeing this new kid's movie Inside Out.
4.    Why is Bryce Dallas Howard running around in high heels?
5.    John Connor is a Terminator?!
6.    Avengers 2? Just get to Infinity War already, or at least Civil War.
7.    Oh my God! She totally screws him at the end of Ex Machina!
8.    Oscar Isaac is amazing: evil and brilliant all at once
9.    I’m sorry/not sorry that I went to see 50 Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day… and liked it!
10.    Emilia Clarke is the ultimate badass.
11.    Chappie is really not a tourism commercial for Johannesburg. Cool robot concept though.
12.    Is Samuel L. Jackson channeling Spike Lee in Kingsmen?
13.    Did Matthew Vaughn just direct best action sequence in the history of comic book films all in one church setting?
14.    Arnold Schwarzenegger. Period.
15.    Charlize Theron is more badass than Mad Max himself!
16.    I just had the biggest adrenaline rush of my life. Thank you, Mad Max, now I have no desire to sleep and want to ride a dirt bike in the Namibian Desert. 
17.    Seeing Melissa McCarthy expose Jason Statham as an airhead is surprisingly the funniest moment I have ever seen in an action/comedy.
18.    Can’t wait to see Melissa McCarthy as a Ghostbuster in 2016.
19.    Has my friend actually convinced me to watch Minions?
20.    Amy Schumer is the bravest female comedienne of the 21st century. She manages to be raunchy and hilarious while also telling a very personal, realistic and touching story of family and relationships.
21.    An action sequence occurring mid-performance in the Vienna Opera House? Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation totally understands me.
22.    Tom Cruise is actually hanging from a plane suspended god-knows-how-many feet in the air? I think he is truly insane. 
23.    Paul Rudd is so charming and funny that I think I can ignore the fact that one of Ant-Man’s powers involves his ability to talk to ants.
24.    The stories behind the production of Fant4stic sound so hilarious and chaotic that I might only want to see it just to witness the extent of its sheer failure.
25.    Jesse Eisenberg really does not come across as a stoner to me. I believe in the anxiety and neuroses that he displays in the film, but not the drug addiction.
26.    Max Landis has written a quirky film that blends two genres of action and stoner comedy movies into one with a cute love story interwoven as well. Yes, he is his father’s son alright! John Landis would have made a movie like that in the 1980s if he had thought of it first. 
27.    Henry Cavill is a terrible actor, but he is a very handsome young gentleman. 
28.    Come on, Guillermo Del Toro, just make Hellboy 3 already!
29.    In all honesty, incest is not the craziest thing that Loki has ever done.
30.    The Hiddles has all the charm!
31.    Okay Spielberg, you’ve proven that you’re still a good director with Bridge of Spies, now let’s see if you can prove yourself when you return to your trademark blockbuster films with BFG in 2016.
32.    Even Sam Mendes knew that Daniel Craig would still manage to be the classiest and handsomest James Bond even in the midst of a sandstorm in Morocco.
33.    If Spectre makes you fall asleep due to its seemingly interminable runtime, at least you will have the sweet sounds of Sam Smith’s wonderful theme song in your head!
34.    Congratulations Star Wars, you have invented a new female lead character who is nothing more than a Mary Sue. 
35.    Kylo Ren! Kylo Ren! Kylo Ren!
36.    I’m not a Star Wars nerd, but The Force Awakens should have had more Luke Skywalker, and why did Kylo Ren completely ignore the fact that Darth Vader actually became good at the end of Return of the Jedi, and why did they only use R2-D2 for plot convenience, and…
37.    The Skywalkers are the cause of all the problems in the Star Wars universe. Maybe if they disappeared, there would finally be peace in this story.
38.    Script leak? Something tells me the latest Hateful Eight script was even better
39.    Tarantino is really giving the finger to all the haters in this movie!
40.    If I had the chance to get paid to film at a high-end resort in Switzerland for a few months then I would do the exact same thing that Paolo Sorrentino has done with Youth.