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Essential Tips To Travel Intelligently

Charging with an industrial size backpack or suitcase is never recommended. In addition to how heavy it can be, there are many factors to consider.

Weight allowed by the airline.

  • If you travel in a group, you will have to accommodate those bags in the car, and many times they will end up paying another taxi to carry only the bags.
  • If they are en route, it is impractical to carry large luggage.
  • You have to take what is necessary and if it is a long trip, choose to wash your clothes while on the road.

Use WiFi.

Many people ask me about the data packages of telephone companies. I have used them, and they are usually useful if you need to be connected to the internet all the time, but they seem very expensive to me. For me, the best option is WiFi. In many countries, free WiFi is very common in hotels, restaurants, and even parks. The WiFi finder app can help you find open networks to connect to and share your trips on social networks.

Do the homework.

Planning is the best way to save money and time on a trip. The more you know your destination before stepping on it, the more you will enjoy the experience. Look for many hotel options, decide before arriving at the places you want to visit, and always have a plan B in case things do not happen as you planned.

Give yourself a treat.

At least one night during your trip, treat yourself and visit a good restaurant. Get ready, book, and enjoy. Find places that offer a unique culinary experience and let yourself go. The flavors are also a trip.


I have already spoken to you before my opinion about souvenirs. My advice is to get away from the typical “Made in China” memory and look for something more original and special. Some local designer is offering clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. Crafts made before your eyes. The possibilities are many, but generally, they are not at first sight.

Fewer countries, more cities.

Although I know that not everyone has the opportunity to travel constantly, I strongly recommend not visiting more than two countries on a trip. Doing those tours where six countries are visited in two weeks seems like a barbarity where you don’t know anything, and you just see everything happen.

My recommendation is to focus, preferably on a single country, as much as possible. Soak up your culture, tour several cities, and look for little-known corners. See everything calmly and enjoy it.

Do not look for the famous, look for what you like.

If you love food, focus on looking for unique and recommended restaurants. If you love art, dedicate more time to a museum that you like or sign up for a temporary workshop. Do not be afraid to get out of the traditional way of tourists and look for something that is special for you.

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Tips For Foreign Students In Canada

Useful tips for foreign students in Canada. If you come to study or are already studying in Canada, this article gives you recommendations to make your student life much easier. Studying abroad is a great experience if you know how to take advantage of everything you have as a student.

  1. In Canada, you are not alone.

Do not try to solve everything for yourself. Studying in Canada is a very enriching experience and also represents a great challenge. Support the student counseling services of your school or the family where you live to get advice and know-how to solve any possible inconvenience while you are a student in Canada.

  1. Respect the laws.

Some things that may be legal in your country may be illegal in Canada. If you are not sure of something, consult it with some authority in your school, or you can even ask your Canadian friends. For example, the minimum age to drink alcoholic beverages may be different from your country. As a recommendation, if you are not sure that you are doing something legal, you better not do it.

  1. Stay updated.

Keep all your documentation updated. Remember to have your visa, student permit, medical services plan, passport, and other official documents in force. Never let your visas or permits expire if you are still in Canada. As for advice, frequently check the changes in immigration regulation that could affect your status as a student in Canada.

  1. Use the health services of the province where you study.

For long-term students (more than six months), it is possible to obtain Canadian medical insurance. In the first months, you will have to buy private insurance, but later you are eligible to use the medical services plan of the province where you live. This service has a cost of approximately $ 60 per month but gives you access to the same Canadian health system. Once again, you can ask at your school how to register for health insurance in the province.

  1. Explore Canada

If you have the opportunity, travel to other places in Canada. Visit the majestic mountains, beaches, lakes and spectacular landscapes. Do things you probably can’t do in your country such as attending an ice hockey game, learn to ski or snowboard, or take a boat tour to see whales. Ask other colleagues who have already traveled to different destinations in Canada to find out which places are worth visiting.

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Movies That Changed Us Forever In The 2010s

The decade of 2010 has been somewhat turbulent in terms of cinema. In these ten years, the rise of streaming has broken with the traditional room model; technology has made the impossible possible on-screen; and a new generation of filmmakers, largely women and non-white people, has challenged the canons of the industry with bold and innovative works. With 2020 just around the corner, we reviewed the ten most decisive and explosive releases of the years 2010.

12 years of slave (2013)

Based on the story of Solomon Northup which is a true story also, this film revolves around the plot of a free man who is sold to the slaves of the pre-war American South, Steve McQueen’s heartbreaking epic illuminates the horrors of the most shameful past in the United States. The plot rests on the powerful performances of Chiwetel Ejiofor and Lupita Nyong’o, plantation workers who have just sold to cruel owners. Humiliated, beaten, and even lynched, endure the unspeakable with hope and the cry not only to survive but to live. Beyond and despite its historical importance, the film proclaims an urgent claim: to dismantle the myths about slavery that Hollywood has instilled for generations.

Moonlight (2016)

The exciting initiatory story of Barry Jenkins is a feat of independent cinema: a $ 1.5 million film, shot in less than a month, which won worldwide recognition and won an Oscar for Best Picture. The film, divided into three acts, follows in the footsteps of Chiron, a child raised in Miami who faces his sexuality. The script by Tarell Alvin McCraney is sober and poetic, the soundtrack of Nicholas Britell is exciting and the interpretations of Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali, they are exceptional. Above all, this film marked by ellipsis and absences – the hidden loss of a father figure, the emotional cost of imprisonment – is a complex portrait of racial discrimination, drug addiction, and poverty in the United States today.

Lady Bird (2017)

The ‘mumblecore’ queen Greta Gerwig captivated critics and audiences alike with her cousin as a solo director: a melancholy teenage comedy that is much more than the sum of its parts. Saoirse Ronan plays Lady Bird, an idealistic Sacramento high school student who deals with friendship, dating, and family quarrels. Set in 2002, the film digs into the nostalgia of the previous decade with cover phones and ballads by Justin Timberlake while delighting in its universality. The result is a classic rite of passage at the height of John Hughes, a rare indie jewel turned into a box office, and that earned Gerwig an Oscar for Best Director (fifth woman in history nominated in the category).

Rome (2018)

As personal as it is panoramic, Alfonso Cuarón’s declaration of love to Mexico City in the 1970s is a delight. Filmed in a bright black and white and written in Spanish and Mixtec, it gives us countless surreal images: a New Year’s Eve party interrupted by a forest fire, a trip to a furniture store interrupted by imminent disturbances. At its center is Cleo ( Yalitza Aparicio ), a domestic worker who watches the political turmoil from a distance until her life also begins to crumble. In addition to obtaining the Golden Lion in Venice, the film marked a turning point for Netflix, a film premiere that consolidated the power and influence of the platform while gaining the trust of an industry still reticent to the streaming revolution.

Parasites (2019)

The economic inequalities born of the global financial crisis is a topic that many of the 2019 blockbusters ( Hustlers – Wall Street Scammers – of Lorene Scafaria; Daggers in the Back, by Rian Johnson ) explore. But in the award-winning Bong Joon-ho movie, recognized with the Palme d’Or, are the path to Hitchcockian terror. The tape follows in the footsteps of a family that is struggling to make ends meet until they are coupled to a clan of rich benefactors. Hence a social satire soaked in blood and unexpected turns that uncovers not only the injustices of the class system but also the reckless ambition of those who hope to overthrow it. In his home Korea, he has generated infinite memes and has become a cultural phenomenon, praised for both its depth and its populism.…

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The Influence Of Cinema In Young People And Teenagers – Complete

A film like Amadeus (1984) completely changed the cultural image that Mozart had for the public; He turned him into a childlike genius, creator of sublime works, and – at the same time – immature and sapphire to unsuspected limits. But not only did he change his image, but he turned that musician of another era into a popular and tremendously modern idol, which caused a real “Mozart-mania”: his CDs sold for tens of thousands and became a cultural phenomenon important in the mid-eighties.

There is also the famous case of Holidays in Rome (1953). This film, starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, completely changed the deteriorating and decaying image that, during the forties, had created Italian Neorealism around the Eternal City. The films of Rossellini, Zavattini, and Vittorio de Sica spread a myth of decline, but this film by William Wyler, in 1953, was enough for the Americans to see it again as “the city of love,” the symbol of illusion and romanticism.

Even more decisive was the worldwide premiere of The Dead Poets Club (1989). Directed by the Australian Peter Weir told the story of a young professor of literature ( Robin Williams) who joins an elite private school in the Puritan America of the fifties. With his new forms of teaching (he makes them walk through the courtyard so that each one takes “his step”; he encourages them to seek their own voice; it encourages them to be actors, to read poetry, to dream of other things to earn money and follow the pattern of their elders), the suspicion of the directors of the school is won. And his message, “Carpe diem!” – Take advantage of the moment – causes a real revolution, at the same time that it ends in tragedy. No one thought that this movie could influence the consciousness of young people. Moreover, because of its high-cut theme (parent-child relationships, freedom in career choice, conflicting pedagogical systems), it was thought that children would get bored and that it could only interest parents and educators. A few previous passes were enough to discover that the film aroused true enthusiasm among teenagers. New passes in institutes and colleges confirmed that trend, to the point that the film was received as the flag bearer of “the teaching revolution” that the students of that time craved. With these data insight, the film’s producer decided to change the initially planned marketing completely: the poster was modified, which was going to be focused on the figure of the actor, to give way to the young protagonists; He promoted himself as a symbol of student rebellion and achieved success among youth as he had never imagined. To the point that the film was received as the flag bearer of “the teaching revolution” that the students of that time craved. With these data insight, the film’s producer decided to change the initially planned marketing completely: the poster was modified, which was going to be focused on the figure of the actor, to give way to the young protagonists; He promoted himself as a symbol of student rebellion and achieved success among youth as he had never imagined. To the point that the film was received as the flag bearer of “the teaching revolution” that the students of that time craved. With these data insight, the film’s producer decided to change the initially planned marketing completely: the poster was modified, which was going to be focused on the figure of the actor, to give way to the young protagonists; He promoted himself as a symbol of student rebellion and achieved success among youth as he had never imagined.

On the other hand, films have not only influenced our image of reality: of an artist, of a city or of a teaching system. The films have also modified, and much, our attitude towards concrete products and our traditional consumption patterns.

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5 Tips You Should Know Before Training Outdoors

When we talk about physical exercise, it is normal to associate this practice in closed spaces with exercise rooms, cardiovascular machines, or group classes, forgetting that we can train in outdoor spaces, where our body will be the main resistance.

Many times we get a lot of excuses for not training outdoors: “very hot, it’s cold, very windy, it’s raining…”. However, there are many more reasons to train or do sports out there. The first and most convincing of all is that you do not need to subscribe to any gym subscription to lose weight or strengthen your muscles.

The training outdoors can be considered a supplement to the train in the gym, because it will allow us to do workouts in circuit with reduced rest periods and even cardiovascular work more effective. Many of us spend a lot of time at home or in the office, so it would be good for us to breathe some fresh air. Now, we are going to show you a series of recommendations for training outside the home and what you should keep in mind for exercising outdoors whenever you want.

What to consider to train away from home?

Do you want to start training outside the home? In addition to informing you about how to make a training diary and the ideal activities to enjoy sports in the city or in the countryside, it is best to take into account a series of considerations for  training outdoors  safely and effectively:


Remember to bring some isotonic drink or water to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes during training. Insufficient water can increase your heart rate while decreasing your performance, and a high level of dehydration could be very dangerous for our health. Be sure to drink water throughout the day and take care of your hydration, without waiting to feel thirsty.

2.Adapt to change

The fact that you have been peddling an exercise bike for an hour a day does not mean that you can cycle with a mountain bike while riding trails. Probably the latter will cause you stiffness if you had not done it before. Give your body time to adapt to outdoor activities gradually.

The night before training, you should take complex carbohydrates. Sugars will be converted into glycogen, helping your body maintain the water supply.

3.Protect yourself from the sun

Do not believe that your clothes keep the sun’s radiation away from your body. The garments made from polyester protect more than cotton, and dyed clothing is better than white, but nothing prevents ultraviolet rays from reaching your skin. The most advisable once you decide to opt for outdoor sports activities is to apply a sunscreen thirty minutes before going out to train. You can also wear a cap to avoid the constant contact of your head with the sun. As a complement, we can take vitamins C and E, which provide us with extra protection, always under medical advice, and together with a diet for athletes adapted to our needs.

4.Choose a good shoe

When we are in the gym, we can use practically any footwear since we always step on smooth surfaces, but when we start to go outdoors, we can find dirt roads and rocky paths. Therefore, many athletes wonder if it is better to run on a treadmill or outdoors, or the pros and cons of indoor or outdoor sports. Make sure your shoes have padding or gel holders to improve the comfort of our foot.

5.Avoid the central places

If you live in the city, pollution levels are likely to exceed the established limit. In addition, it will be much more stressful to train between crowded streets and roads full of cars. Try to exercise in parks, trails, or places away from the pollution of the city to exercise more relaxed and with more concentration to improve your performance and meet your goals.

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