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Google SEO

Essential SEO Techniques

For the SEO, it’s all about positioning yourself on the first page and preferably in the first ones on the list. We all want to have more traffic to his site. Google holds more than 200 factors for SEO and updates them regularly. So it can be laborious to always be in the first. I have prepared below nine essential SEO strategies to master.

More elaborate content gives better results

Several studies show that the more your content is developed, the more likely it is to position itself well on search engines.
A study by SEMrush found that a page that is positioned on the first page on Google contains an average of 1890 words.

Your customers’ expectations

Focusing on keywords is no longer the way to do a good positioning.
Google’s algorithm has changed and is evolving rapidly. It is now better to focus on user expectations instead of keywords. The search engine tries to find answers to questions that are asked.
Instead of focusing on keywords, you should focus on two things:

What is your target audience, its behavior and habit.
Structure your content into different themes tailored to each reader group (e.g., beginner, intermediate and expert)

Perfect commitment

The more users you have who spend more time on your site, the more you will be on Google’s radar. If your users spend more time on your site, they find useful information on your site.
As Google tries to deliver the best possible results, there’s a good chance your website is very high in the rankings.

Back Link

Back Links are always one of the keys to good SEO. According to research by MOZ, it is almost impossible to get good results without Back Link.

Increase the speed of your site

If your site takes too long to display, there’s a good chance your visitors will leave your page.
Since 2010, Google has announced that the speed of a site would be a consideration for search ranking. As a result, this factor is now an important consideration in SEO strategies.

Improve the technical side of your website

Some websites may not position themselves well on search engines due to certain technical problems. For example: Navigation that is not done in a homogeneous way. Here are a few things to consider to help you:

Having a HTTPS site is now the best way for Google and it allows you to protect your site.
Used testmysite to increase the speed of the mobile version of your site.
Use tools such as Botify or DeepCrawl to effectively check your website code so it’s clean and understandable, making it easy for Google to reach it and making sure your semantic tags are optimized.
Fix errors 404.

Do the analysis of your site

Tracking everything that happens on your website is paramount in SEO. You need to use tools such as Google Search Console to compile your site’s data (traffic, positioning, conversions, etc.). This way, you can target your site’s problems for the user experience and fix them.

SEO on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet? 55% of Google searches show videos and 82% of these are from YouTube.
Optimizing your videos on YouTube will increase your chances of having visitors to your site and increase your chances of having better referencing on Google.

Local SEO

Not all companies want to make themselves known around the world. There are always a number of companies that are based on a particular region and only target people in that region. In this case, it is best to focus on the local SEO and that is why you should not ignore the local SEO and listings.


The SEO is constantly changing and it is difficult to stay in the front row. By applying the above techniques and writing engaging content for your customers, you will have good results.
Remember, Google is looking for quality content to provide value to your users, this should also be yours.…

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