Essential Tips To Travel Intelligently

Charging with an industrial size backpack or suitcase is never recommended. In addition to how heavy it can be, there are many factors to consider.

Weight allowed by the airline.

  • If you travel in a group, you will have to accommodate those bags in the car, and many times they will end up paying another taxi to carry only the bags.
  • If they are en route, it is impractical to carry large luggage.
  • You have to take what is necessary and if it is a long trip, choose to wash your clothes while on the road.

Use WiFi.

Many people ask me about the data packages of telephone companies. I have used them, and they are usually useful if you need to be connected to the internet all the time, but they seem very expensive to me. For me, the best option is WiFi. In many countries, free WiFi is very common in hotels, restaurants, and even parks. The WiFi finder app can help you find open networks to connect to and share your trips on social networks.

Do the homework.

Planning is the best way to save money and time on a trip. The more you know your destination before stepping on it, the more you will enjoy the experience. Look for many hotel options, decide before arriving at the places you want to visit, and always have a plan B in case things do not happen as you planned.

Give yourself a treat.

At least one night during your trip, treat yourself and visit a good restaurant. Get ready, book, and enjoy. Find places that offer a unique culinary experience and let yourself go. The flavors are also a trip.


I have already spoken to you before my opinion about souvenirs. My advice is to get away from the typical “Made in China” memory and look for something more original and special. Some local designer is offering clothes that you won’t find anywhere else. Crafts made before your eyes. The possibilities are many, but generally, they are not at first sight.

Fewer countries, more cities.

Although I know that not everyone has the opportunity to travel constantly, I strongly recommend not visiting more than two countries on a trip. Doing those tours where six countries are visited in two weeks seems like a barbarity where you don’t know anything, and you just see everything happen.

My recommendation is to focus, preferably on a single country, as much as possible. Soak up your culture, tour several cities, and look for little-known corners. See everything calmly and enjoy it.

Do not look for the famous, look for what you like.

If you love food, focus on looking for unique and recommended restaurants. If you love art, dedicate more time to a museum that you like or sign up for a temporary workshop. Do not be afraid to get out of the traditional way of tourists and look for something that is special for you.

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