Tips For Foreign Students In Canada

Useful tips for foreign students in Canada. If you come to study or are already studying in Canada, this article gives you recommendations to make your student life much easier. Studying abroad is a great experience if you know how to take advantage of everything you have as a student.

  1. In Canada, you are not alone.

Do not try to solve everything for yourself. Studying in Canada is a very enriching experience and also represents a great challenge. Support the student counseling services of your school or the family where you live to get advice and know-how to solve any possible inconvenience while you are a student in Canada.

  1. Respect the laws.

Some things that may be legal in your country may be illegal in Canada. If you are not sure of something, consult it with some authority in your school, or you can even ask your Canadian friends. For example, the minimum age to drink alcoholic beverages may be different from your country. As a recommendation, if you are not sure that you are doing something legal, you better not do it.

  1. Stay updated.

Keep all your documentation updated. Remember to have your visa, student permit, medical services plan, passport, and other official documents in force. Never let your visas or permits expire if you are still in Canada. As for advice, frequently check the changes in immigration regulation that could affect your status as a student in Canada.

  1. Use the health services of the province where you study.

For long-term students (more than six months), it is possible to obtain Canadian medical insurance. In the first months, you will have to buy private insurance, but later you are eligible to use the medical services plan of the province where you live. This service has a cost of approximately $ 60 per month but gives you access to the same Canadian health system. Once again, you can ask at your school how to register for health insurance in the province.

  1. Explore Canada

If you have the opportunity, travel to other places in Canada. Visit the majestic mountains, beaches, lakes and spectacular landscapes. Do things you probably can’t do in your country such as attending an ice hockey game, learn to ski or snowboard, or take a boat tour to see whales. Ask other colleagues who have already traveled to different destinations in Canada to find out which places are worth visiting.

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